Immense Blessings

In 1 Kings 4:20-33 we see how joyfully God blessed Solomon. Why? Because he walked close to God, and followed His loving rules. Now the kingdom stretched from the Euphrates down to the Sinai Peninsula, and all the people in these lands paid tribute while serving Solomon.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have at least 40,000 horses? That’s a lot of care taking and, um, fertilizer. These horses belonged to the king and his governors. And I have no doubt these were best horses you find in all of Arabia (Middle East). Imagine people from everywhere bringing you the very best they had to honor you and your kingdom. What a great way to foreshadow how the Lord will be honored.

These people were so blessed the governors provided for the meals of the king, and everyone who sat at his table. Now they did take turns, probably so it didn’t become a burden but remained a privilege to serve. In Genesis there was another man, similar to Solomon, named Abram/Abraham who God blessed so he could bless others. But the blessing were not just materials, but also knowledge and spiritual.

It says at the close of chapter 4 that Solomon gave 3,000 proverbs, wrote 1,005 songs, and taught about nature with wisdom and authority. People from all nations were coming to Solomon to learn. Not just the average citizen but kings and rulers. Wow, how great are the blessings of God! The Lord rose up Solomon as a king of kings in his day so that the people would be turned to their God.

How fun. The nations respected Solomon so much that they spared no expense to come learn from him. And although it is not specifically written, I imagine Solomon is constantly praising God for the blessings and wisdom relieved. I see Solomon offering sincere prayers to God for wisdom in each case before speaking. He truly walked with the Lord.

In the next post we will be looking at 1 Kings 5. We see how the wisdom of Solomon truly blessed everyone around Solomon.


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