Changing Gears

During the past week or so, I have been wrestling with what should be posted. In this wrestling time, I am convinced by the Spirit that we should change gears to focus on a different topic: prophecy. In changing to this topic, it is my wish to follow the Bible, and the Bible only. If I should reference outside sources it is only to to help clarify.

For instance, one source I will be using is Ellen G. White. She is one of the most prolific American writers. I have not always been a fan of her writings; however, I have come to appreciate them the more I have read them. She has some really good practical advice for just about every aspect of life. But, again, I ask that you pray before reading so that God can be the sole focus. (If you want to access to free copies of the writings, you can find them in the application stores: EGW Writings 2. Save your dollars, and use this app.)

In the next series of posts, it is my goal to help share that prophecy is not a dark and scary topic. In fact, prophecy is a revelation of God’s love that we should know His will. Yes, there is prophecy that details out destruction and consequences, and that was necessary. It is time that we understand our Bibles and its messages more clearly.

In preparation for our next post, please read Revelation 14:6-7. Roll up your sleeves, grab a note pad, and let’s dig in to draw closer to our Lord. Also, please check back to other posts as they will be updated to make sure they are complete.


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